Gamejam 2016 May (Awesomespace)

Posted on 2016-05-09 in Uncategorised

Have you always wanted to make a game, but never had the time? Try then to make a game in only 2 days,

This time we have upped the scale and are in a new location: Awesome Space (Marcopololaan 8-10). Pulling an all nighter is also possible there, however sleeping is not possible (though a powernap on the couch is fine). Awarding of prizes will be done on tuesday between 18:00 and 19:00

Participants are in principle responsible for their own food, we are close to a supermarket and multiple snackbars and pizzerias and the like. The Awesomespace itself also has a bar but only cash is accepted there. Participating costs 2 euro. We can order dinner for you but is not included in the price.
Signing up can be done here:
Location: Marcopololaan 8-10 (
Time (start): monday 9 mei 10:00
Time (end): tuesday 10 mei 19:00
Sign up/participant cost: €2,-
Signing up (mandatory):

Until then!