TechTalk – “Developing Ronimo’s Multiplatform Graphics Engine”

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Joost is lead programmer and co-founder at Ronimo Games. In this talk he will discuss the intricacies of building a multiplatform graphics engine in C++. Ronimo has built its own internal engine (called the Ronitech) for Swords & Soldiers 1 & 2, Awesomenauts and future games. The Ronitech has so far been ported to PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Wii, Wii U, iOS, Android, Windows DirectX, Windows OpenGL, Mac and Linux. This talk will cover topics like what console development is like, how multi-threading was used to optimise Awesomenauts on PS3, and how to handle all the exceptions of each of these platforms while still maintaining a clean codebase with as little code duplication as possible.

Topic: Developing Ronimo’s Multiplatform Graphics Engine
Date: Thursday 26 June
Time: 11:00 – 12:45
Location: BBG-205 (previously known as BBL-205)
**The location can only hold 40 to 50 people, so: “first-come, first-serve as usual!”

Lunch: Yes, there will be FREE lunch!
Facebook: Facebook Event Page

Please sign-up by signing up on the facebook page above or heading over to the Sticky-room in the 2nd floor of the BBG building (BBG-275).

If there are any questions, feel free to contact us at See you there!

Indievelopment 2014 – April 7th, 2014!

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Indievelopment 2014 is coming! On April 7th at Zijdebalen Theater in Utrecht, your favourite independent developers will visit the Netherlands and tell you all about their development experiences. Traditionally, we will have something for everyone — tech, design, art; and even better, there will be independent games as far as the eye can reach in our newly added exposition area.

As we have left the subsidiary nest, ticket prices have gone up a bit. Early bird student tickets are €15,00, which provides access to the full event. Business tickets are €30,00 and include a do-it-yourself lunch. More information can be found on

Interested in showing off your game to a 500 man plus audience for a small fee? Mail us at for more information!

DGDARC Networking Drink #5 – December 9th, Dutch Game Garden, 17:00!

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The fifth networking drink is upon us! December 9th, a bunch of companies will be joining us to find interns from amongst the attending students. As the Level Up! fund has dried up, we sadly have to start charging students to attend, but we sincerely hope the gigantic sum of €1,00 per attendee won’t keep you from buying groceries that week!

Bring your portfolio, but keep in mind, a lot of people want to talk to these companies, so don’t hog their time!

What: Networking Drink #5
When: December 9th, 2013, 17:00
Where: Dutch Game Garden, Neude 5, Utrecht
Price: €1,00 (please bring the exact amount, we can’t exchange larger bills)

Signing up is mandatory! You can sign up right here!

The event is (job and) internship-oriented, so if you’re not in any way looking for an internship in the game development industry, we strongly recommend you to visit our other events instead.

Companies present:
Abbey Games
Dezzel Media
Digital Dreams
Firebrush Studios
Flow Studios
Game Oven
Magic Mind
Tingly Games
Triumph Studios
…More TBA!

GDC & Gamescom EXTRA! – Our students visited, read all about it!

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Earlier this year, 47 students from 14 game development courses from all over the Netherlands got a scholarship from Level Up! to visit GDC & Gamescom Cologne in August. Control Magazine issued a special magazine to show other students what they could gain from visiting conferences by talking to the students that went this time – Read all about it in TRIP! A magazine for game students!

Crytek Tech Excursion – Are you interested in tagging along?

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At Gamescom we received a soft confirmation that our excursion to Crytek Frankfurt GmbH is indeed going to take place! We’ll receive a final confirmation somewhere in September, so we’re opening up an interest form for those of you that want to stay updated and would be interested in tagging along with us!

You can sign up here!

NB: This is only an interest form and is not in any way binding.

What: Tech Excursion to Crytek Frankfurt GmbH
When: October 25th (early departure, late arrival)
Expected price: €80 (either train tickets or to rent a bus, we’ll try to find a cheaper option)
# of spots available: 12

Example schedule
07:30-10:50 Train from Utrecht Central station to Frankfurt (Main) Hbf
12:00-15:00 Visit to Crytek (Introduction to Crytek, tour of HQ, Presentation & QA session about CryENGINE, Student pitch session)
19:30-23:00 Train back to Utrecht Central station

Initially we are going to set the requirement for participants to be students of Dutch game development courses, with priority going to master students from any game dev related education. Any leftover spots will be filled with bachelor students, or even non-students 🙂 (ps. We’ve received word that they also have thesis spots… ;D)

We may also organise a second excursion in 6 or 12 months, if the interest is overwhelming.

DGDARC Networking BBQ – 10th of July, 17:00

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To finish our series of succesful Level Up! networking drinks, we’re going to go out with a bang at the end of this school year: We’re organising a final Networking barbecue! It’s a bit more casual than the networking drinks, so sit down with the game dev company employees and ask them whatever you’d like!

What: Networking Barbecue
When: July 10th, 17:00
Where: Minnaert field, Leuvenlaan 4, Utrecht (very well reachable by bus from Utrecht Central train station!)
Price: €5,00 (everything included, bbq, drinks, etc.)

Signing up is mandatory. You can do so right here!

Attending companies…
Abbey Games
Bureau Blauw Geel
Digital Dreams
Game Oven
Tingly Games
…More TBA!

And of course, the Dutch Game Garden crew will be there as well!

See you there! (Be sure to invite your friends!)

DGDARC Networking Drink #4 – May 28th, 17:00!

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The fourth and last Level-Up! sponsored Networking drink is upon us! Are you looking for an internship, or maybe even a job, but haven’t found the right company yet? Come join us may 28th and who knows, you might find exactly the company you’re looking for!

What: DGDARC Networking Drink #4
When: May 28th, 17:00
Where: Dutch Game Garden, Neude 5, Utrecht

The companies that will be present are..
Abbey Games
Bright Alley
Bureau Blauw Geel
Digital Dreams
Game Oven
Holland Haptics
Magic Mind
Ronimo Games
Tingly Games
Triumph Studios
…More TBA!

Keep in mind: This event is (job and) internship focused, so if you’re not looking to seriously orient yourself in the game development industry, we strongly recommend you visit our other events instead.

Signing up is mandatory! Please sign up here!

Indievelopment Awards

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Submit your game before April 1st!

Will 2013 be your year? Do you have a great idea for a game, but are lacking in motivation, or are you already well underway and would you like to show off your work to other indies? The Indievelopment Awards are exactly what you need!

The Indievelopment Awards are a game development competition and associated awards show amongst higher education students. The Indievelopment conference will feature our award ceremony. Participants, either in teams or by themselves, submit their original games to the competition. There are no restrictions as far as themes and genres go, besides your own creativity! Our independent panel of professional judges will grade all selected games and decide upon whom will be awarded one of the great prizes. So cancel all of your appointments and let the challenge begin!

Make sure to submit your game before monday!

Networking Drink – “Everyone’s welcome!”

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After the success of the previous two iterations of this event, we just have to organise it again this year! DGDARC is organising the third Networking Drink on December 10th, 15:00, this time without a theme — Everyone’s welcome! (And drinks are free!)

During this event, you will be introduced to multiple game development companies and it is the ideal spot to start your networking, whether it is to find an internship or just to have a chat and see what it is like to work for a real game development company.

Signing up is mandatory and our cap of 120 sign ups has been reached — I’m afraid to say we’re full!

So far, the following companies have confirmed…
Abbey Games
Bureau Blauw Geel
Digital Dreams
Flow Studios
Game Oven
Magic Mind
Triumph Studios
Ranj Serious Games
Gray Lake Studios
Bright Alley
Dreams of Danu

Master Excursion to the Dutch Game Garden!

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On November 27th, DGDARC will be organising a master excursion (for Utrecht University students) to the Dutch Game Garden, which will be packed with fun and interesting things for you to see!

13:00 Dutch Game Garden Introduction + Tour
14:00(-ish) Lecture by Adriaan Jansen from Abbey Games (a young game development company created by mostly GMT students)

Although this excursion is primarily focused on GMT master students, other students with an interest in game development companies are very welcome to sign up as well!

Signing up is mandatory and can be done right here.