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Welcome to the site of DGDARC – the Dutch Game Development and Research Commission, a commission under Student Association Sticky. We are a commission with the purpose to stimulate gamedevelopment among our students and bring them into contact with the game industry. We are situated in the Gamehall, a special gamedevelopment oriented room in the basement of the Buys Ballotgeboyw (Utrecht University).

DGDARC is also very interested to work together with other student associations, developmentclubs, companies, organisations and institutions – for example to organise talks, gamejams, drinks or other events. Are you interested in what DGDARC can offer? Feel free to contact as at info@dgdarc.nl.

We keep our members up to date via a newsletter, and we bring people in contact with each other to start projects. For this as well can you contact us at info@dgdarc.nl. We assist starting developers with advice, bringing them into contact with the right people and give them space to develop in the Gamehall.